Best RN to BSN online programs

Best RN to BSN online programs
    Best RN to BSN online programs

    Most nurses getting their online RN to BSN degree program have many catchy chances. Online learning has become more popular nowadays, especially for those who live away from colleges or demand to get their RN to BSN from one of the greatest universities in the world.
    The Institute of Medicine recommends in a new report that 80% of the enrolled nurses could get their bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) by or before the year 2020. This is very important for the hospital patients who finally would be in more qualified hands for their nursing care, and so less mortality and morbidity rates will be reported.
    A higher scale of training leads to better nurses who can improve the health care in general.
    In this article, we show the top 2 universities offering an authorized online RN to BSN programs. Those institutes are the best to get online undergraduate degrees according to US News & World Report.
    1. University of Oklahoma
    This university offers a “career mobility” online RN to BSN. You can choose to be either full-time or part-time student. The full-time choice will give you the BSN in just 9 months. Courses there include Contemporary Professional Nursing, Leadership in Nursing Practice, Community-Focused Nursing, and Human Experience of Disability. Tuition per Credit Hour: $316
    1. Ohio State University
    The RN to BSN program in this university affirms the evidence-based practice. The courses include Evolving Concepts in Nursing Leadership and Management, Foundational and Contemporary Issues for RNs, Cultural Competence in Healthcare: the US and Global Contexts, and Concepts in Community Health Nursing. Tuition per Credit Hour: $387

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